OLAGIRLS: Lesbian Mediterranean Fest in Sitges

6-8 June 2014

olagirls poster

Lesbians Who Travel Love Sass

Can you imagine one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean just for lesbians? Well, your wish is granted for a weekend, 6-7-8 June 2014.

OLAGIRLS is an exciting cocktail of sun, sea, and beach in Sitges, Barcelona. More than 2000 women experiencing the Mediterranean culture; enjoying life in the street with many activities to meet and interact with other women from our community. Three days of endless parties, concerts, beach activities, fun games, surprises, great tapas & wine – and more.

Sitges is one of the most liberal and open towns in Europe.It’s a very popular travel destination for lesbians and gays who want to enjoy the sun and the beach in a different atmosphere. The perfect break would be to stay in Sitges and have a few nights out in Barcelona.

The program for the festival launch is exciting – and still open for ideas.  (Editor likes the GYMKHANA and LESBIAN WEDDINGS.)

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