Super-Gay Sleuths Search the Gay Globe While Out and Around

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Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols, a thirtysomething couple from San Francisco, traded their briefcases for backpacks and set off on an ambitious project to find “SuperGays” – the leading LGBT activists of South America, Asia, Australia and points in between.

Chang, a former business manager for eBay, and Dazols, once a clinical social worker, put their happy relationship through the ultimate test: travelling the world with one’s partner. (They ended up getting engaged in the Philippines and happily survived the rest of the 16-country trip.)

Their project, Out and Around: Stories from a Not-So-Straight Journey, documents the movement toward LGBT rights through 50 interviews with people they met on their itinerary.

Their trip began in June 2011 in New Zealand and Australia, then stopped at cities in Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, India, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru before returning to San Francisco.

By design, they avoided the First World countries of the northern hemisphere; all the better to illuminate unsung heroes of the LGBT movement in developing countries where acceptance of homosexuality is not guaranteed.
Chang and Dazols themselves faced cultural misunderstandings routinely. “We’ve had lots of strange looks from people in hotels when we ask for one bed. We found ourselves having to explain our relationship to other tourists and locals,” Dazols observes.

“People always want to connect with extended ‘Family,” Chang says. “We’re truly in the middle of a contagious fight for civil rights across the globe. We’ve seen a new LGBT center pop up in Cambodia, activists organizing Gay Pride in China, and an openly gay man running for Senate in Kenya.”

Currently, they are transforming their blog and video interviews into a documentary film. Keep in touch with them and contribute to the production fund at and follow the film on Facebook.

An inspiring travel documentary about two women’s journey to find the leaders of the global LGBT movement.

Watch the video trailer:

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